Estimated Delivery Date: 23 February 2021

Adult Washable Cloth Face Mask + Filter Mask: 22 cm (L) x  14 cm (H) 5 layers of superior protection against allergens, particles and pollutants with Insert sleeve for the use of disposable PM2.5 filter for additional protection if required. The mask comes with 2 disposable PM 2.5 filters. Worn properly in addition to other preventive measures a cloth face mask is a great, affordable precaution to help protect yourself and others. Soft, breathable cotton fabric, adjustable ear straps and flexible wire nose band helps to maximize comfort. 100% Cotton & Rayon. Hand wash in cold water & hang to dry. The disposable filter is single use only and non washable. We recommend replacing your disposable filter often. Non-Medical Mask

Adult Washable Cloth Face Mask + Filter - Black