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Adult Washable Cloth Face Mask + Filter Mask: 22 cm (L) x  14 cm (H) The cloth mask is made of 100% Cotton with insert sleeve for the use of a disposable PM2.5 filter. 

The carbon filter offers 5 layers of superior protection against allergens, particles and pollutants for additional protection. Worn properly in addition to other preventive measures a cloth face mask is a great affordable precaution to help protect you.

Although the filter provides additional protection it can also increase difficulty breathing. If you suffer from any respiratory issues you may choose to use the cloth mask without the filter. The soft, breathable cotton fabric, adjustable ear straps and flexible wire nose band helps to maximize comfort. Non-Medical Mask. Hand wash in cold water & hang to dry. The disposable filter is single use only and non washable. We recommend that it be changed often.Estimated Delivery Date: 23 February 2021

Adult Washable Cloth Face Mask + Filter - Black